Freelance Writing Services & More


Blogging Services

  • Start a blog on your business website. I can get you started and set up with a blog for your small business.
  • I will go into your website’s backend and get it set up, or just write posts and send them via email. I can start your blog with one post, or a series of posts.
  • I will optimize your blog’s content for SEO, and help you market it.
  • It’s a fact that a blog will get your business website indexed in more places, higher rankings on search engines, and more customer trust and interaction – if done properly!! 

Let me add quality content to your website and get you more customers with expert SEO!


Website Pages

  • Without quality content and professionalism, your website is forgettable. It’s true. If you have nothing of value to keep visitors intrigued, they will not stay. Let me help your small business website meet today’s expectations.
  • I will review your website for free along with any service purchased from me. I will also give you a basic list of areas that could use improvement.
  • I can write content for any page on your website from your home page, to your about page. Get a custom quote to hire me to revise your entire website! 
  • Need someone to manage your website that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg? Let me help you with that!
  • I also offer web design services including banners, headers, full site design, sidebar images, logos, buttons, footer images, blog post images, and more!

Hire me for quality web copy, affordable rates, sound advice to get your small business website updated and prominent on the web! 



  • Get quality written work with 100% transfer of ownership! Most of my work is behind the scenes. In other words, I take no credit for anything I write for you if you have hired me for ghostwriting services.
  • I charge 20% more for ghostwritten work, than work that I am named the author for. Why? Because getting that recognition is worth taking off 20% for my services. It helps me advertise my work, whereas I cannot with ghostwriting.
  • I provide the same quality and standards in my work with ghostwriting as I do with writings I am recognized for. I can guarantee that! 
  • If you are satisfied with my ghostwritten work, and write a testimonial for me, giving me permission to use your name, company name, and a photo, I will give you a discount on my ghostwritten services.**

Take 100% credit for anything I write for your small business website, blog, social media accounts, ebook, printed work, and/or ecommerce store! 


Internet & Print Marketing

  • You can add all the content your heart desires on your website, but without a proper marketing strategy, it will not make an impact. You continuously hear about the value of great content, but did you know you have to market said content to get results from it?
  • I will manage your social media accounts, or get them started for you!
  • I have multiple social media post packages that I will write for you! I can also post for your accounts, make each post formatted for every different social media account you have, and optimize your accounts to gain more followers.
  • I will go in the backend of your website to optimize it for search engine rankings, getting new views, getting visitors to click through your site, and more!
  • Need some help on your local SEO? I can do that!
  • Do you have events or promotions you need print material for? Do not fret, let me handle it for you!

Contact me for a FREE website review and custom quote for your website marketing needs!



  • Quality, detailed product descriptions, photos, and customer service get you noticed in the online shopping world. I currently list products and manage a company’s eBay store. I know what it takes to take your ebay store to top rankings. Let me help you!
  • Don’t have an ebay store? I can help you optimize whatever online retailer you sell through.
  • I will review your online store for free and give you a custom quote for whatever needs your online business has!
  • Looking to turn your website into an ecommerce store? I can help you and train you on this process!
  • Need the best solution to move your inventory into multiple ecommerce stores? I know what to do!

Let me help you turn your online store into a thriving business by running it for you, writing descriptions, starting your ecommerce business, or training your staff!

If you do not see the service you are looking for, here is a list of other services I provide. If you have a need for something not listed, feel free to contact me to see if I can provide those services for you!

  • ad design
  • flyer design
  • special event promotions
  • business branding
  • email marketing
  • web design
  • logo design
  • brochure design
  • business card design
  • product reviews
  • website management
  • website building & designing
  • National & Local SEO
  • Social media SEO & management
  • Graphic & Image Design
  • Promotion & Event Support – physical & digital
  • Vinyl printing
  • Screen printing


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